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What pests do you treat?

For more information and the full list check out our Services menu. We treat bed bugs, mice, rats, wasps, fleas, moths, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, squirrels, flies, woodworm, pigeons, dust mites, carpet beetles and we also offer fumigation treatment.

Do you handle domestic and commercial premises?

Yes, we work with all kinds of clients and properties. For a list of business properties we deal with, check out our page for commercial customers.

What kind of training have the pest technicians passed?

Pest Controllers working for MERIDA Pest Control have passed the RSPH Level 2 in Pest Management also we can provide person holding Certificated Field Biologist diploma.

What will a pest control technician do for me?

Inspect your property, evaluate damages and size of the infestation. Afterwards, he will treat the affected areas and provide you with the needed information to prevent further re-infestations.

Is quoting free?

Yes, we are always happy to give you a free quote for your current pest problem.

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