How mouse proofing protects your living space with 12months FREE guarantee

MERIDA is unique. It is a mouse proofing system proven by over a decade of research and testing to be a highly effective way to get ride of mice.

We protect your living space from the inside out, by blocking every single way mice can get in. That way, they cannot reach the food they need to survive. So, they must leave your property to find another place to live. While you can relax, and get on with your life - mice-free.

How to get rid of mice – our proven 6-step process

1. We listen to you

All properties are different, even though they may look the same. Building materials and maintenance history, along with many other environmental factors are considered. This is the experience and expertise MERIDA brings to bear.

2. Assess the property and environment

By listening, we get a lot of vital clues about how the mice are getting into your living space. So, we ask questions, find out what you know, and then inform you of the mouse proofing action we will get rid of the mice completely, in most cases in one visit.

3. Consider mouse behaviour and habitat

We get down to mouse level. We see the world the way the mouse does, so we spot the access points other pest controllers miss. This allows us to design the mouse habitat out of your home. No habitat means no more mice.

4. Use only MERIDA technicians

Our mouse control technicians are selected and trained to understand building design and construction. By combining this with knowledge about mice ecology and behaviour, they can mouse proof your property safely, quickly and effectively.

5. Select the best mouse-proofing materials

We use a range of materials, many in unique ways based on over a decade of experience mouse-proofing every kind of property you can imagine. Most of the work is done in hidden places, so cannot be seen. Where it is in view, it is designed to blend in with the decor, so will not be noticed.

6. Use the best mouse-proofing equipment

We use bespoke techniques and mouse proofing equipment not available to other pest controllers. This includes equipment for accessing hard-to-reach spaces in your home without having to remove fitted furniture, so we can work quickly, with the least disruption to you.

Proofing for Rats, Mice & Squirrels

A large proportion of our rat and Mouse jobs at MERIDA are associated with rats, terraced and semi detached houses. This means that in a lot of these types of dwellings control just by using rodenticides may be short lived and re infestation is likely to occur. How long before (or if) the dwelling is re infested depends on individual circumstances but unless the external access points are found and dealt with then re infestation is likely. In an ideal world the whole of the building (as well as sewers and utility pipes, cables & conduits) should be inspected for breaches and fixed. As in a lot of cases this is not possible then proofing individual rooms from the inside may be the only option.

Why Contract Image
Why Contract Image

Rats and mice may travel some distance undetected through cavity walls, soffits and loft spaces before either coming to an area where they are seen, they are heard or evidence (droppings, smells or damage) is noted. They may be entering a row of terraced houses several properties away from where they are actually appearing. The route into a building may be sub terrain. In many cases blocking access points externally is not possible so proofing individual houses or rooms is the answer. If an area is boxed off (which is normal in modern bathrooms and kitchens) then holes and gaps around pipes are often left open by builders as they are not seen but which allow access by rodents.

Kitchens, lofts and bathrooms are the rooms with the most utilities in (kitchens have food as well) so these are the rooms in a dwelling that rodents will have easiest access to once they are in the structure of the building.

Mice can get through a 1cm gap. Proofing for rodents needs to be carried out by someone who understands rodents & their behaviour. To do this properly is time consuming and costly.

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