Wasp control in London – August and September is when they are more prevalent in UK.

Wasp control in London – August and September is when they are more prevalent in UK.Wasp control will be needed this summer as they don’t have many fans in Britain. They don’t seem very friendly. Due to UK experiencing warmer weather this year we will see more wasps this summer. “Everyone’s talking about having a bit of a bumper wasp season this year and that there’ll be more nests around because of the warm weather,” says Natalie Bungay, a technical officer for the British Pest Control Association.

Wasp control – nest removal in London

Warmer weather that isn’t too dry is usually better for insects to develop. Last hot summer has been one of the worst when it comes to wasps – our wasp control nest removal service in Hammersmith, Beaconsfield, Chiswick, Ealing, Kensington, Wembley, Windsor and Slough has never been so popular and our pest control services in London will be even more needed as we expect the wasp problem to be even bigger this year! However, wasps are quite useful – they remove huge amounts of caterpillars which eat our crops and gardens. They also help with pollination. But we understand if you are not so keen on having a wasps’ nest in your home in London.  

Wasp nests – they can be a nuisance in London

Why are they so active over August and September? This is when is at its biggest when it comes to workers. There aren’t many larvae to feed. Larvae would produce with sugar to reward the workers. So, when there isn’t much sugar produced, the workers venture out and head straight for your soft drinks or alcohol. They are not generally aggressive, but they can be a nuisance and even a danger to people if someone is allergic. It is best to contact the pest controller in London, like us, to deal with the wasps’ nest professionally. Wasp control in London prices start from £60 (price for the first nest treated, thereafter £10 for every additional nest).

Pest control hammersmith and Fulham

We provide Pest control fulham services in hammersmith Some pests, such as rats, mice, bedbugs, and cockroaches pose a risk to health when they infest the property. The health risks are lower where these pests are outside. Other pests, for example, wasps, booklice and ants are generally a nuisance rather than health risks. We offer a chargeable pest control fulham service to residents, businesses and other council departments. we provide advice and information to businesses and members of the public on pest control we provide a pest identification service for residents – please send a clear photo by email we charge a fee for getting rid of rats, mice, clothes moths, bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, pharaoh ants, and wasps nests we provide appointments from Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), and arrival times are either 10 am-1 pm or 1-4 pm we are currently offering a Wednesday evening service with arrival times between 4.30-6.30pm.