History of Rats in London

Whether you’re annoyed by rats in your basement or your fireplace vent, know that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Yes, you heard that right. Londoners have struggled with rat infestations for centuries, and there’s still no surety that they’re nowhere near you. Since London’s general climate suits rats and their scavenging habits, they’re permanent settlers of this city.

If you want to know more about rats and their reign in London, here are some interesting facts about these nasty fellows: 

The Early Arrival

Rats have been in London for centuries. The earliest information on rats dates back to the 1st century, saying rats reached British shores as stowaways on boats coming from Asia. Once rats inhabited London and other British cities, they never returned and only grew their population. Also, rats that caused the plague and other deadly diseases in the UK are non-native and entered the region from Asia and, according to some historians, Africa.

The Deadly Affect

The early settlement of rats in London seemed harmless, but man, did they cause damage to the people here. The 14th Century Black Death Plague and the 17th Century Great Plague of London are the results of these dangerous rodents. Although some researchers don’t blame rats as much for these plagues, they’re still contributing factors to plague and other diseases. Thanks to London’s weather and humid conditions, rats found this place great and never left.

Modern-Day Rat Problems

Now, even when medical science has advanced and there are minimal chances of rats causing a deadly pandemic (we didn’t expect that from bats either), they are still dangerous. Rats inhabit sewage pipes, drainage lines, and moist places where plenty of germs and microorganisms are already present. When these same rats enter your home or commercial property, they bring along loads of pathogens and health risks.

Today’s London is still dealing with rats in residential and commercial properties because they never seem to end. If you ask any pest control London expert, they’ll tell how hard it is to rat-proof a dwelling and remove rats’ after effects. So, if you suspect rats and mice in your apparently clean home/building, it’s because they’re there. These rodents can find their way inside your home through small cracks, pipes, and exhaust lines without much trouble; calling for effective pest control London services. Besides carrying pathogens, rats can also damage your valuables and cause monetary losses. They chew on wires, wooden furniture, cardboard boxes, and fabric surfaces, leaving a whole lot of mess for you behind.

How can you Control Rats in London?

Now that you know rats are commonplace in London, it’s time to do something about this problem. When you have pest control London experts rat-proof your property, there are minimal chances of them coming back. Controlling rats can improve your property’s hygienic conditions and keep multiple infections at bay. So, instead of waiting for rats and mice to leave your home/office, have rodent pest control experts in London over to rat-proof your house.