Pigeons Pest Control

While birds can make beautiful household pets, they can also be some of the worst pests to deal with and some can be quite difficult to keep out of your home. Pests such as pigeons, seagulls, and other pest-like birds are known to nest inside of homes, and this can of course cause trouble both for you trying to rest at home, and trouble to your health as well. Birds can carry diseases such as the avian flu, the regular flu, and a variety of infections which can be detrimental to someone’s health. These birds are usually caught at the site using non-lethal methods such as netting them or planting spikes at the home to deter nesting.

Birds in Domestic Premises

One of the most common ways these birds enter homes is through eaves, broken windows, or holes in the foundation or walls of a home. Once these birds house and nest themselves in your home, they can cause several problems such as parasites, noise, damage to the house, and mess left from feaces and other bodily fluids which can cause disease or adverse health effects. Some birds which nest in homes can cause additional problems, particularly if they are protected species such as Starlings or Sparrows.

In this case, it can be illegal for a homeowner to disturb the birds, their eggs, or nests. What this means is if you are a homeowner, you likely cannot take matters into your own hands and deal with the pest problem. One recommendation is to block any and all holes and entrances with things such as caulk or cement once you notice the birds have left the nesting area. This will prevent further generations from nesting and may stop current infestations as well if the birds feel threatened.

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Pigeons, Starlings, and Seagulls Getting Under Solar Panels

While commonly seen as the way of the future, and a greener way to power your home, it should be noted as well that birds may attempt to nest in the solar panels of your home. Due to the large amount of coverage provided by these panels, it allows these birds to be properly sheltered, where they can make nests and roost their young.

Thankfully, specific spikes have been developed to prevent nesting while also ensuring the panels do not get damaged. As birds continue to learn through generations and offspring, this may become a more prevalent issue of infestation over time. These spikes will hopefully serve as a deterrent to these species, and will also prevent any issues with the solar panels not receiving enough energy; which can happen when homeowners use things such as wire mesh to cover up their solar panels.

Again, some common health problems as well as problems with your building could arise from birds nesting inside of solar panels. These issues include smell, the build-up of droppings which can block gutters or drains, noise, and general nuisance. Nesting pigeons can also carry Psittacosis in their drops, which can be spread in the dust of their droppings. Some birds of prey may seem like a good solution, but they do not work effectively in the long term. As birds are intelligent creatures, they will commonly learn within a few weeks that the stuffed owl or bird of prey you use to deter pests is either not alive, or a threat to them. Given this, the birds may depart momentarily as well but could return if the bird of prey is removed. It is a Band-Aid solution, and thus, prevention of nesting should be your priority instead.

Bird Free ‘Fire Gel’ for Pigeons, Gulls, and All Pest Birds

There are many affordable, non-lethal ways to deal with your bird pest problem. Bird Free ‘Fire Gel’ was first announced in 2011. It gives off the smell of a fire, which makes birds wary of areas and can prevent nesting. Typically, it is installed in small dishes and is non-toxic and low maintenance. While this is a good option, the gel can set you back around 35 pounds per metre. That being said, it is harmless, odourless, and the latest inhumane methods for dealing with these kinds of birds.

Pigeon Proofing Methods

One of the most common pest-birds is, of course, the pigeon. Often referred to as “rats with wings,” pigeons procreate at high paces and have large amounts of offspring. This can be dangerous, as it means infestations can happen suddenly and get out of hand even faster. Pigeon spikes are a non-harmful way of stopping the bird from landing and roosting. It is recommended to plant them on window sills, ledges, or another ledge like areas of the home. Moreover, netting can be used as a non-lethal method for dealing with these pests. If the law permits it in your area, and the infestation is severe enough, shooting and trapping may be used to deal with the infestation. This is rare, as most pest control services seek non-lethal methods for dealing with these pests.

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