Moth Pest Control

Most people automatically associate pest infestations with unpleasant insect species that make their skin crawl, such as cockroaches, ants, spiders or centipedes. However, these are not the only invasive insects that can make themselves comfortable in your home. Moths are common household pests that can cause a lot of costly damage to your clothes, carpets and other types of fabrics, especially those made of natural fibres, such as wool, silk or fur.

But not all moths eat textiles. Others, such as pantry moths, feed on cereals and grains instead. It’s important to correctly identify the species to implement the right moth pest control treatment for your type of moth infestation and eliminate the source of the problem.

Moth pest control
Pest control for Moths

Effective Moth Control Services

With years of experience in providing excellent moth control services for residential and commercial properties, our team can remove moths from your building quickly and effectively. Based on a thorough property inspection, we’ll be able to recommend the right number of visits and the most suitable moth eradication methods (e.g., heat treatment for moths) for your moth problem and needs.

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Signs of a Moth Infestation

  • Adult moths flying or crawling around the house.
  • Moth eggs on clothing or in food containers (depending on the species) – eggs may vary in size and appearance but are usually small, white or creamy white, and oval or slightly elongated.
  • Clothes moths: Small, irregular holes, furrows or other types of damage visible on fabrics. You may also find larvae casings that look like small tubes.
  • Pantry moths: Small holes in food packaging (including plastic bags and thin cardboard boxes). Sticky webs on food containers, in the corners or on the stored food itself.

Do You Have a Moth Infestation? Call Us!

The consequences of moth infestations can be varied and, depending on the species, range from damaged clothing and ruined carpets to food contamination. The longer these insects are left alone, the bigger your moth problem can become. Moreover, while living in a house full of moths is undeniably unpleasant, their impact on your business and its reputation can be even more severe. Contact us as soon as you notice any signs of moth activity in the building, and get rid of moths with our long-term pest control!

What Does Our Moth Control Service Involve?

Our pest control service always starts with an inspection of the infested property. Our technicians have the necessary knowledge and experience to spot the less obvious signs and accurately identify the cause of your pest issues. Based on what they see, they will be able to find the most effective treatment and remove moths completely. As a professional pest control company, we have a variety of non-chemical and chemical treatments at our disposal, which can be tailored to your preferences and needs.

When it comes to chemical treatment for moths, the insecticides we use are biodegradable, mostly odourless and non-tainting. They can kill moths within seconds of contact or inhalation but aren’t effective on eggs and larvae. While the toxins are not very harmful to humans and pets, it may be a good idea to vacate the house for up to three days and thoroughly ventilate the rooms to get rid of any dangerous fumes and prevent their build-up, which could become harmful.

Another effective moth control method is heat treatment. It’s a non-chemical treatment that’s not only safe but also highly effective, as high temperatures used during heat treatment can get rid of moths, larvae and eggs.

Prepare Your Home for Moth Treatment

  • Thoroughly clean the infested area and vacuum all carpets
  • Empty your wardrobes (clothes moths) or throw away any infested food or food containers (pantry moths)
  • Check behind furniture and appliances to ensure there are no hidden moth nesting places
  • Vacate the area during chemical treatment/heat treatment (keep pets away as well to make sure they are unaffected by the moth control methods used)

What to Do After Moth Treatment

  • It’s recommended that you do not vacuum or wash the treated spaces for a month after the treatment. The exact time may vary depending on the treatment – our technician will provide you with all the necessary instructions.
  • After this period, thoroughly vacuum the entire house, particularly areas that are not cleaned or accessed often, as these are the most likely places for new moth infestations to start.
  • To minimise the risk of another moth infestation, it’s important to regularly vacuum carpeted floors and areas behind furniture, as well as clean wardrobes and cabinets.
  • In case there are moth larvae or eggs in the vacuum cleaner, its contents should be disposed of instantly outside the building to prevent the infestation from spreading to other rooms.
  • Regularly check your pets’ fur for insects and vacuum or wash their beds and toys often to prevent moths from getting inside and nesting. It’s also important to sweep floors and remove pet fur from carpets, rugs and upholstery regularly.

Moth Facts

  • Larvae of clothes moths and carpet moths feed on keratin found in fabrics that contain animal fibres, such as wool, silk and furs. They cause most of the damage during a moth infestation by eating through your clothes, curtains, upholstery, etc.
  • Adult moths normally do not feed much at all. Their primary objective is to mate and lay eggs. After completing it, they die.
  • Depending on the species, moths usually live from one to six months. They reach reproductive maturity rather quickly due to their, on average, short lifespan.
  • Infestations most commonly happen in rarely used and mostly undisturbed areas and corners where moths can find carpets or clothing to feed on. This means that damage is often difficult to spot.
  • Pantry moths are attracted by foodstuffs such as meal, grains, cereals, dry pet foods, bread, or other dry food items. They often lay eggs directly or near food sources and can contaminate them with droppings. While it’s unpleasant to think about, they usually won’t be harmful if the food is prepared properly, even if you accidentally consume infested food. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to regularly inspect stored food for signs of an infestation.

Moth Pest Control – FAQ

What types of moth pest control does Merida Pest Control provide?

Merida Pest Control offers a comprehensive range of moth pest control services, addressing issues with clothes moths, pantry moths, and carpet moths. We provide solutions tailored to individual needs, from minor treatments to extensive extermination, to effectively control moth populations within your premises.

How quickly can I expect a response for moth pest control services from Merida
Pest Control?

We prioritize swift and effective responses, aiming to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours. Depending on the level of urgency and your preferences, we usually arrange visits on the same day or the next day to address your moth pest control needs promptly.

Are the moth pest control treatments offered by Merida Pest Control safe for
pets and children?

Absolutely. We place paramount importance on the safety of your pets and family. Our treatments are environmentally friendly and, where possible, non-toxic. Any chemicals used are applied carefully, with comprehensive instructions provided regarding any necessary precautions to safeguard the well-being of all inhabitants and pets.

Does Merida Pest Control offer guarantees on its moth pest control services?

Yes, we offer service guarantees to ensure you are completely satisfied with our moth pest control services. We typically include a warranty period for our services, during which any recurring issues are addressed with additional treatments at no extra cost. The specific terms of our guarantees are discussed in detail before commencing the service.

Can I request preventive moth pest control services from Merida Pest Control?

Certainly! We provide preventive moth pest control services to shield your property from potential infestations. Our experts can assess your premises for vulnerabilities, provide recommendations and preventive solutions like sealing potential entry points, and give advice on proper storage and maintenance to avoid future infestations.