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Pest Control in Slough

We here at Merida Pest control are offering state of the art best pest control services to residential and commercial properties in Slough since 2012. With our significant years of experience in the related field, we can successfully get rid of all kinds of pests. We are the perfect choice for people who like to get rid of different kinds of pests in their homes or business places in a short span of time.

What Pest Control Services We Offer

We have the expertise in handling pests like rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps and many more. Our team use child and pet safe methods in getting rid of all kinds of pests from your property. If you are interested in hiring professional pest control services, which are fully insured and certified, Merida Pest Control is surely the best available option for you. We offer a vast range of pest control packages as well as single treatments to our valued customers. Our proofing specialists will attend your home or business property in Slough to have a look at what kind of pests exist. After that, we will use the right set of tools and material to help you get rid of them for good. We will stop them from damaging your property in future.

What We Charge

Here at Merida Control, we charge different prices depending on the pests we are going to take care of for you. Moreover, the price usually depends on the size of the property along with the kind of pest problem. Occasionally, we offer a price quote to our customers for their convenience, which helps them decide whether our services in their budget or not. Here are the prices we charge for the type of pest control service you want in Slough: • Cockroaches: £60 • Squirrels: £140 • Ants Spray: £60

List of Pests We Deal Within Slough


These pests are not easily found during daylight as they usually operate at night.


Such kind of pests found near sweet substances in-home or offices.


Such kind of pest usually seen working at night looking for food.


They are usually found taking residence in loft spaces of home or offices.


People usually not see such pests but they hear, smell or see evidence of their existence in conditions like burrowing in soil or insulation.


Such pests are quite dangerous as they sting if they see someone near their nest.


Protect your home and your family

We offer a quick response service meaning that you can rely on our technicians to provide you with a high quality service within an efficient time scale.

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