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We provide local pest control services in Twickenham, South West London, including professional pest inspections, fumigation, pest proofing, effective pest infestation treatments, emergency pest control house calls, etc.

Why us? Because you deserve someone who cares. We are fully aware of current pest control guidelines and use safe and effective methods approved by the British Pest Control Association to provide our customers in Twickenham with the best available solutions to their pest problems.

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Reliable Pest Control Service in Twickenham

Our pest control system utilises innovative technology and tried and tested solutions to effectively solve even the most complex pest concerns and prevent pests from becoming a major problem in your residential or business property in Twickenham. We provide excellent, comprehensive pest control services backed by over a decade of solid experience and industry insights. With us, you can count on professional help, effective pest treatment and advice at affordable rates.

Why Merida Pest Control in Twickenham?

  • We use the latest technology to provide pest control services that are second to none! Our team has developed a diverse range of products to deal with unwanted visitors, such as bugs, mouse, cockroaches, wasps, ants, rats, and squirrels, even more efficiently.
  • Every member of our team is fully trained and certified by the BPCA. Our skilled and experienced pest control technicians can tackle any pest problem you may have with the utmost professionalism and provide honest and factual advice.
  • We love what we do and strive for excellence. Whether it’s a home or commercial property, we can find the right methods to solve your pest control issues at an affordable price. With us, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or half-measures.
  • Our experts provide personalised services tailored to your needs. We use unmarked, discreet vehicles and provide quick solutions from the very outset without making you wait long hours or days for a visit from a pest control company in Twickenham.

24/7 Emergency Pest Control – Twickenham

At Merida Pest Control, we understand that some problems cannot wait. If you require immediate help with rodent or insect infestations in Twickenham, West London, you can count on our specialists to find the right solution for your property in the shortest possible time. Contact us to start your journey to a pest-free life right away with our 24/7 pest control service.

The Best Pest Control Specialists in Twickenham

With our dedicated team of well-trained local pest control technicians, we can deliver a comprehensive and reliable pest control and proofing service for residential and business properties in Twickenham, West London. We will inspect your property and discuss your pest issues to help you fully understand the source of the problem and find the best course of action in your case.

Contact us right now to book our pest control service in Twickenham, West London or request a free quote. If you have any additional questions, please browse our website or call us. Our friendly experts will be happy to talk to you about the details of our pest control system and packages.

Residential Pest Control in Twickenham

Whatever pest has infested your house, we can deal with the infestation today! Our pest exterminators in Twickenham can help you free your property from mice, rats, squirrels, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders and all other types of vermin and insects to give you back your peace of mind. With our 24/7 availability, we can address the problem the same day you notice it!

Commercial Pest Control in Twickenham

If pests are affecting your business, it’s important to act quickly before their presence damages your finances or reputation. You can rely on our rapid, discreet and long-term rodent and insect control in Twickenham to solve your problem for good. We are experienced in providing small and large service contracts to a variety of different sectors, from restaurants and offices to tenanted properties and housing developments.

Controlling All Types of Pests

Our home and commercial pest control services in Twickenham go well beyond mice, rats and birds. We can help you with pest control for all types of pests, including:

Bed Bugs


Rodent Control – Twickenham

Rodents are a common problem in all of London, including Twickenham, but with our professional help, you can keep pests, such as rats, mice and squirrels, out of your home and business. Our mouse and rat control methods will ensure that your property is free from rodents, and we’ll make sure that they stay away too.

Bed Bug Control in Twickenham

Bed bugs can appear seemingly out of nowhere because they spread quickly and can take over your home in no time. That’s why it’s crucial to act as soon as the first signs of infestation become clear. Don’t waste time and effort on ineffective solutions, contact us for bed bug control in Twickenham today and let our technicians remove the problem of bed bugs from your property for good!

Wasp Nest Removal in Twickenham

Our experts are fully trained and well-equipped to safely and permanently remove wasp nests in Twickenham. If wasps are disturbing your home or business, we can help you get back full control of your property. Call us and forget about the stress a wasp nest can cause! Thanks to our emergency service, you can get rid of wasps even on the same day.

Cockroach Control in Twickenham

Cockroaches are unwanted guests that are very difficult to remove. Removing them one by one is not an effective method of dealing with a cockroach infestation because for each one you manage to catch, many more remain hidden around the property. It’s best to call professional help right away and wipe them out completely with our long-lasting cockroach control service in Twickenham.

Bird Pest Control Twickenham

While many people don’t automatically think of birds as pests, pest bird infestations can be a real problem for property owners. Birds can spread diseases and cause significant damage to buildings, not to mention the unpleasant sight of your roof or walls covered in droppings. Our bird control service in Twickenham can help you remove them and provide solutions to stop such pests from coming back.

Mouse and Rat Proofing Services in Twickenham With a 12-Month Guarantee!

Keep mice, rats and squirrels off your property with our long-term rodent control solutions. Forget about setting mousetraps, use our house-proofing services in Twickenham to prevent rats and other rodents from accessing your building! Our specialists will install permanent pest control to make sure that your home or business is protected from pests.

Don’t Wait to Solve Your Pest Problem in Twickenham!

Whether you’re dealing with mice or wasps, we have the right solution for your pest control needs in Twickenham. We can be with you in an hour, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Call us now for the best pest control in Twickenham!

Pest Control Twickenham – FAQ

What pest control services do you offer in Twickenham?

At Merida Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive range of pest control services in Twickenham, including rodent control, insect control, and bird control. We provide solutions for residential and commercial properties, ensuring a pest-free environment.

Is Merida Pest Control certified to operate in Twickenham?

Yes, Merida Pest Control is fully licensed and certified to operate in Twickenham. Our team of professionals adhere to the highest industry standards, and we use approved and certified products and methods to ensure the safety of our customers and the environment.

How quickly can you respond to a pest control issue in Twickenham?

We understand the urgency of pest control issues and aim to respond as promptly as possible. We try to offer same-day services and can usually be at your property in
Twickenham within a few hours of your call, depending on the availability of our technicians.

Do you offer long-term pest control solutions?

Absolutely! While we provide immediate relief from pests, we also offer long-term pest control solutions, including regular inspections and preventative treatments, to ensure that your property remains pest-free. Contact us to discuss a customized pest management plan suitable for your needs.

How can I get a quote for pest control services in Twickenham?

Getting a quote is easy! You can fill out the contact form on our website, call us directly, or email us with details of your pest problem. Our team will get back to you promptly with a tailored quote based on your specific needs.

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