How to Know if you have Mice or Rats in Your London home?

It’s no secret that most London homes suffer from rodent infestations, thanks to the capital’s weather and crowded places. But are there any rats or mice in your home? If so, what signs do you need before calling a pest control London service? Since understanding the gravity of a problem is essential before calling for help, you should check for these signs of rodents’ presence in your London home:

Rodent Droppings

Rodents do their nasty business just about anywhere, making them the worst pests. But sometimes, this can be a good thing, especially when you want to be sure if there are any mice or rats in your place. If you don’t see these pests anywhere, but their droppings are present in your basement, under the furniture, or anywhere else in your home, you have a clue to call pest control London services. Don’t let this problem get any serious, and overcome it right from the get-go to save your home and money. Since rats and mice can quickly ruin your home’s hygienic conditions, don’t waste time before calling an experienced pest control Slough company.

Urine Smell

Mice and rats have a staunch urine smell, which is evident in places they inhabit. Even when there are no droppings or walking trails in your home, a musky and unpleasant urine smell means there are rodents somewhere in your place. One clue to onboard professional pest control London services is if this musky smell won’t fade and there’s no other reason for it. Also, dogs are pretty sensitive to these smells, so if your pet sometimes behaves strange and tries to sniff something, mouse urine can be the reason behind it.

Gnawing Marks 

Mice and rats have a habit of chewing stuff. They can gnaw on wood, fabric, cardboard, and copper surfaces, resulting in apparent damage signs. If you’re sceptical of rodents’ presence in your home, closely observe these surfaces to confirm your doubt. And if you find these gnawing marks anywhere in your home, don’t wait up and consult a pest control London service provider before things go out of hand. 

Scratching Noises

If you often hear slight squirming and scratching noises in your home, rats and mice might be the culprits. Rodents are active at night and often scratch or jump around to announce their presence. When there are no damage signs or droppings in your place, look out for these sounds before calling pest control London experts to mouse-proof your home.

Chewed Bits

Rodents often leave chewed bits of paper, cardboard, and fabric behind. You should be careful about these chewed bits in your storeroom, pantry, and attic because that’s where rodents can cause the most damage.

Mice and Rats Leave Telltale Signs Behind, Don’t Ignore

If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, an effective pest treatment should be your utmost priority. Don’t let this situation get serious, and immediately onboard a credible rodent pest control company to prevent a full-blown pest infestation in your home.