Moths, Squirrels, and Birds: Lesser-Known Pests That Require Expert Attention

While rodents and insects often steal the spotlight, other pests can wreak havoc on homes and businesses. Moths, squirrels, and birds may not be as commonly discussed, but they can still pose significant threats. At Merida Pest Control, we’re equipped to handle various pest situations, ensuring your property remains safe and pest-free.

Pesky Moths:
Moth infestations might not be as visible as other pests but can cause substantial damage. Clothes and pantry moths are notorious for ruining textiles and stored food items. Our experts at Merida can identify the type of moth infestation and implement tailored solutions to eradicate these pests and protect your belongings.

Sneaky Squirrels:
Squirrels may seem cute from a distance, but they can wreak havoc when they find their way into your attic or walls. They can chew through electrical wires, insulation, and even structural components. Our professionals can safely remove squirrels and implement preventive measures to keep them from returning, protecting your property from damage.

Troubles with Birds:
Birds nesting in or around your property can lead to unsightly messes, damage to structures, and potential health hazards from droppings. Merida Pest Control offers humane bird management solutions, discouraging birds from roosting while ensuring their well-being and compliance with regulations protecting bird species.

We understand that pest problems come in various forms. Our expertise extends beyond the common pests, addressing the lesser-known threats.

We recognize that each pest situation is unique. Our team develops tailored solutions that address the specific challenges posed by lesser-known pests, ensuring a successful outcome.
While moths, squirrels, and birds might not be as commonly discussed as other pests, they can still cause significant problems for homes and businesses. Don’t let these lesser-known threats take over – contact us today for expert solutions that keep your space safe, clean, and pest-free.