Do you Need a Pest Control Company in Wembley?

Are you looking for an efficient control company in Wembley? Seeing rodents and insects outdoors is enough to make your skin crawl, having an infestation in your home or business is enough to make you want to pack up and leave. We understand how awful it can and that’s why here at Merida Pest Control, we strive to provide an efficient and discreet service to remove any infestation problem you may be experiencing.

Our most popular service is a contractual offer to help insure you live with the peace of mind that you won’t suffer from infestations. As popular as these are with commercial businesses, we do also offer them for domestic homes. When we start with you we cover any pests you would like protection against, whether they are currently an issue or potentially a future issue. We will provide bait and traps that will be monitored regularly during organised visits, made to suit your timetable. With our service of pest control in Wembley, we like to have good relationships with our clients, so your contract will be with a regular technician so they can get to know your situation and provide the best quality service.

Looking for a Pest Control Company in Wembley?

The pricing for our contracted pest control in Wembley, will vary depending on a range of factors. Price will be determined by the type of pest or pests we are treating your premises for, and the size of the infestation. If it is a large infestation it will require more than one treatment and therefore more resources. However if it is a smaller infestation then the price will be lower. We provide reasonable rates that are suited to the quality of work provided. 

We have been offering pest control services in Wembley, since we were established in 2012 and have work incredibly hard to ensure your home or business is infestation free. Our technicians and field biologists are experts, with many years experience so you can count on us for a trustworthy and safe service for you, your family and your customers every time. All of our staff have been with us for a long time and we pride ourselves in our low staff turnover. Providing a discreet service, where we will arrive in unmarked vans, as we know, the knowledge of an infestation can be potentially damaging to a business’s reputation. 

If you are interested in the services we have to offer then give us a call today on 0203 4883815 or alternatively call 07944 601092 and we will book you in for a free estimate. If you would prefer to contact us via email, then send one through to where one of our friendly customer service team will respond and answer any questions or queries you may have regarding our pest control in Wembley.