Pests that Can Travel with You!

Pests are mystical creatures that find their way to almost every place we go. From hotels to commercial places and flights to shared accommodations, some pests can travel to and from everywhere. If you frequently travel or visit public places, know that you can be the reason behind a serious pest infestation in your home. Suppose you stay in a hotel where bed bugs are abundant. When you return from such a place, some bugs will hop onto your luggage or clothes and enter your home, resulting in a pest outbreak.

If you don’t want anything of this sort to happen, here are some pests you should be cautious about while travelling:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs prefer warm and dark places to hide during the day. This place can be your suitcase, clothes, handbag, or even your body. When you visit a place where bed bug infestation is commonplace, you’re likely to give these nasty bugs a lift to your home. Since bed bugs can spend weeks without food, they travel to far-off places and wreak havoc wherever they go. One bed bug is enough to cause a full-fledged pest infestation in your place, which is the reason pest control London experts always recommend disinfecting your belonging after coming back from a trip. You should wash your clothes, wipe the bag, and clean other accessories after travelling to ensure bed bugs don’t stand a chance.


Cockroaches are next in line. These creepy crawlers can squeeze into narrow places and feed on tiny food bits for several weeks. If a cockroach enters your suitcase, it can go anywhere with you and start a new life there. Since cockroaches can cause respiratory and skin problems, keeping them at bay is in your best interest. When you spot cockroaches in your luggage or anywhere else in your home, have pest control London experts over to deal with this problem.


Fleas are silent pests like bed bugs and can switch between different surfaces. These pests might not affect you, but they can impact your pet’s health if they enter your home. If you notice flea infestation in your home, consult pest control London experts right away to contain this situation and protect everyone at home. Fleas also latch onto your clothes, bag, and other travel essentials, so regularly cleaning these items is good if you want fleas’ growth to stop.


Lice can land on your hair or body from different surfaces and travel with you. These pests cannot survive without a human host and suck your blood, eventually resulting in skin irritation and swelling. So, if you often use shared accommodations or don’t take care of personal hygiene, lice can quickly multiply in number and irritate your skin.

Don’t Bring these Creepy Crawling Souvenirs Home

If you frequently translocate and visit a bunch of public spaces, you can be a host for different pests. From bed bugs to lice, any nasty bug can enter your home if you don’t eradicate them right off the bat. You should disinfect your belongings after travelling, and if these pests still don’t leave you alone, let pest control London experts handle this problem.