Rats and Mice – Is There a Bigger Risk of Infestation in Colder Months?

On a cold winter night, when everything is quiet, you might hear a slight scratching or squirming sound coming from somewhere. Upon a little more investigation, you might as well find clear signs of rodent infestation in your property, which is hands down annoying!

Homeowners usually believe that pest and insect infestation is limited to summers, and when winters arrive, those beings go down to hibernate. But sadly, that’s not true for rats and mice.

Rodent infestations spike in colder months, forcing the property owners to call for pest control in London services. If you’re unsure what makes rodent infestation a bigger risk in colder months, here’s what you need to know:

  • Closed escape routes mean a stronger infestation

Preparing your home for the changing weather by sealing small holes and cracks limits the rodents’ movement options. Now, if a few rats and mice somehow enter your property, they don’t have an escape route. Enclosed space means they’ll eat, breed, and live in your property for months on end; you must call a pest control in London company to contain this infestation’s effect.

  • Rodents can inhabit warm and secure places for months

Rats and mice seek a warm haven in colder months. Once these nasty rodents trespass your property, they won’t leave unless you get professional services from a pest control in London company. Since using mousetraps and poisons isn’t always safe, getting professional help is the way out.

  • Rats and mice seek shelter, and your home provides that

When movement inside closed dwellings reduce, rodent infestation gets longer than usual. Rats and mice stay in the open in summers, where they get plenty of food and warmth. If you mouse-proof your home before winters, rodents don’t have an escape route, which increases the dangers associated with this infestation. Pest control in London services receive more complaints and calls in winters because of the people’s changed lifestyle.

How to control rats and mice infestation during winters?

Start with mouse proofing your dwelling, including filling cracks, holes, and small passages leading to your property. Once you’re sure that rodents don’t have an inlet to trespass your property, set a few traps inside the home to be on the safe side. Rodent infestation in winters is riskier because of their patterns and hiding preferences. Once you suspect their presence in your home, getting a pest control in London service is inevitable because of the threats that come along with it.

Final Thoughts

Rodent infestation is very risky during winters because of their reduced movement and increased quest for shelter. Once these nasty beings enter your property, they can spread pathogens, resulting in dangerous diseases and infections. And when such a situation arises, pest control in London is the best solution to contain its impact. Getting pest control in London done by professionals like us will rule out several risks associated with it and make winters safer for your family. If you are touched by this problem – get in touch now!